Wednesday, February 25, 2015

One Of My Favorite Places To Run

When I started running I did so hesitantly because quite honestly running seemed boring to me especially on the treadmill where you aren’t going anywhere at all. I have tried in the past to run and I would listen to music but it never really relaxed me or seem that I was getting any faster. I wasn’t trying to be super fast but I felt like I could walk faster than I could run sometimes and that didn’t make any sense to me. To me not getting faster and running seemed like a waste of time so I would stop running.

This time around I decided to take a different approach on my running and be more open minded about where I would run and how I would run. I think you need to find a good time and/or a good place to run to truly enjoy it.   Without this you seem to be running, just to do it, but not really because you want to or enjoy it. 

When I started my early morning runs at the beach my perspective on running changed. At first I tried music but it really ruined my pace and I couldn’t enjoy the ocean as much. I have tried out a few beaches to run at: Santa Monica, Hermosa, Redondo, and Manhattan Beach. For me the best beach to run at was Manhattan Beach. It is clean and not really crowded in the early mornings. I run on the soft sand so not having to worry about broken glass or needles or dirty diapers is a good thing because wow is that disgusting to run by or accidently run through! I do not know how people can’t pick up after themselves but Manhattan Beach has so many trashcans even on the sand every few feet that the people who go there do throw their trash away. It’s great to go on a run and just not have to keep looking down for fear that I may step on something and hurt myself.  Also there is enough people on the beach at 5/6am that you are not alone. There are a handful of runners but mostly there are surfers riding the waves. I appreciate the sound of the waves during my morning beach runs as well as the beauty of the ocean. It has a very calming affect on me that gets my day started out just right. I do love seeing people surf because it makes me feel alive to see more people active that early on the beach!

Now that I love to go on a run, whether it be a short or long, I can run more than just on the beach. I actually appreciate running on a trail or even on the road as long as I know the area I am at. Running has helped me to see the beauty in my surroundings as well as just take time for myself and relax. I am no longer worried about how fast I run because that comes over time and I see the difference here and there but I also love running whenever I have time even if it isn’t at my fastest speed! I truly believe that anyone can enjoy running or even walking if they really want to and are open to their surroundings if they are not always focused on speed.

Where is your favorite place to run?  What about hiking? Do you like being inside or outside? 

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