Monday, February 23, 2015

My first 10k of 2015!

My mini goal for this year was to run a 10k race every month but I got lazy in January and didn’t run a race. I was disappointed in myself for letting that happen so this past month I was looking for a good race to do. It so happens my boyfriend won an entry from +INVIGORADE into the Coronado Valentine’s 10k race. I had been interested in the Coronado race ever since last year when I saw it randomly being promoted on Facebook but wasn’t sure I was ready to run a 10k yet. But this year I decided I could do it because I have been running 5 or 6.5 miles when I go out for my runs. I am trying to run longer but haven’t been able to work my way up to 7 miles just yet. But I know I will!

Leading up to the race I was only able to run once during the week for about 6 miles but it wasn’t the best run because I was breaking in new running shoes and my feet were killing me by the end of the run. So I decide to continue with my Muay Thai training and my Kettlebell Conditioning classes so that I would still be in good shape to run the 10k Sunday, February 15th.  Even though I hadn’t been running as much as I had wanted I felt that I was ready for the run Sunday morning.

The morning of the race I woke up at 4am and left to Coronado at 5am and was there by 6:30am. We found parking right away and got to look around before the race started. We got there in plenty of time since the race started at 8am. It was a great set up and so well organized! I went up to the check in table to get my bib and then was able to go get my shirt from the race as well and everything went so smoothly and quickly. After that I had time to check out the vendors/sponsors booths that were set up. There was Invigorade, which had samples of their drinks as well as their regular sized drinks to anyone who wanted to try it. Running skirts was there with skirts and shorts and tops to look at and buy. I couldn’t decide which one I wanted they all looked fun (bright colors), which always makes me want to run.  There was coconut water and samples of chocolate cake. It was a mixture of stuff that just made the vibe of the event entertaining!

The start of the run was fun because there was a guy dressed up in a heart and got the crowd hyped for the race. He was taking pictures with everyone! I was a little apprehensive for the race since I hadn’t run in 3 days but the atmosphere was so fun I knew even if I didn’t get the time I wanted I would still be happy with my run. The beginning of the race was a lot more crowded than I am used to because most of the races I run are small with only 75-100 people. This race had over 1000 people participating! But the energy of the racers was contagious and just pushed me to keep going. The race itself was in Tidelands Park in Coronado, CA and was so beautiful. The views of the Coronado Bridge, downtown, and & the beach were amazing and made the race that more impressive. I enjoy running in cooler weather without the blazing sun on me but that didn’t happen during the race because the weather was perfect, not too windy and not too hot! It was a great race to run with my boyfriend because we ran it together. He pushed me even when I doubted my ability to finish but he stayed with me and helped me finish.

At the end of the finish line there was water and volunteers and spectators cheering the racers on that it made ending the race awesome! I also received the Valentine’s Medal that I can now start my 2015 collection with and it makes me ecstatic!  Everyone there was so supportive and motivating at the finish line, so I knew it was an amazing decision to run it. 

I am so proud of this race because it is my first race of the year and it motivates me to keep running towards my goal of running a ½ marathon by the end of this year. I have yet to decide when I will run the ½ marathon but I am still running towards it no matter what!