Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Joy of Running

Let me start off by saying that I am a new runner. I never enjoyed running in P.E. classes and was always happy when I was done so I wouldn’t have to do it again.  I was much more of a swimmer, and then found love for other forms of fitness, like Kickboxing.  I only recently decided to start running because I live close to the beach and thought maybe the ocean would be calming when I went on a run. It truly is a peaceful experience when I get to run on the beach alone. The more I run the more I enjoy it even if isn’t on the beach but through a neighborhood near work or on a running trail. Running gives me time to think and relax and exercise all at the same time.  I began to truly understand the runner’s “high” I had read about. 

At the end of last year I started to run more and decided to maybe do a 5k or 10k to see how I liked racing. I had done a few runs before in the previous year but wasn’t sure if it was meant for me to do again. I wasn’t as fast and wasn’t running a lot but enough to know I could finish a 5k.  I saw the +Lexus LaceUp Running Series going around in Southern California and one of races was in Palos Verdes which isn’t far from the martial arts gym that I train/work at so decided to give it a try. I had my team from the gym sign up with me so that made me feel good that my friends would be there running it too. My experience was a wonderful one. The event was so well organized and made my running experience a wonderful one. They had a lot of vendors that you could look at before or after the race and provided you with a meal after your run as well. The shirts you received for participating were amazing workout shirts that I will definitely be using while I work out. Also the medals are amazing. The best one I have ever gotten in a race and honestly it made me feel so accomplished. This race wasn’t the easiest one to run, as there was one big hill that I wasn’t ready for but I pushed through it and finished. I wasn’t happy with my time but it didn’t matter because I truly found a joy with running the race that I decided to do more races. I even did the next LaceUp run in Irvine because they made my time at Palos Verdes so pleasurable.  I can’t wait to run more with them this coming year, such an amazing organization. 

Now more than ever I think I am mentally ready to start training for a ½ marathon this year! I know I can do it and am ready to keep going. Some weeks I run all week and others I only run a bit, but I also do Muay Thai and Kettlebell Conditioning so that keeps me working out. I hope to run more especially in the mornings before work. Mornings are hard for me cause I get so cold but really when I think about it, it isn’t that bad because I get to see the sunrise and start my morning off with quiet reflections and that always makes my day better. I am excited to start my journey and would love to share it with anyone who loves to run as well!

I’ll be writing all about my journey to my first half marathon, and who knows we will see what comes after that, as my joy of running is just starting.  Can’t wait to see where this all takes me, and hope everyone enjoys my journey! 

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