Monday, March 16, 2015

Bandi Belt Review

I have been running but haven’t had a chance to write. So not used to writing down what I have been up to so bare with me as I get used to writing my thoughts on this blog.

Over 2 months ago I went to the LA Fit Expo and it was pretty cool to see so many fitness people in one place. I have been to it a few times but it amazes me each time how many new up and coming exercises and accessories that have made their way into the fitness world. It also is great to see what has lasted over a period of time. The last couple of years I have been there I have seen booths for running belts (everyday uses as well) that I have been interested in trying but just never have. This past year I decided to enter a raffle to win one of the belts specifically the Bandi Belt. It looked and felt super comfortable. To my surprise I did win a Bandi Belt. Beth from Bandi Wear contacted me and was super awesome making sure I received my belt in a timely manner and without any sort of payment since I was the raffle winner.  Already was even more excited because of such amazing customer service from Beth! 

I received the belt last week and wanted to try it out before I wrote anything about it. It definitely is a great tool for me to have since I do love to run but never know where to put my phone or keys or my iPod for music. I used to wear a jacket even on the hottest days to make sure I would at least have my phone on me. And now here in Southern California there are more hot days and wearing a jacket is not at all comfortable during any of my runs whether they are short or long runs it gets to hot wearing a jacket. The first time I ran with the Bandi Belt I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was happy with the result.  My phone is a little bulky (iPhone 5s) so I wasn’t sure if the belt would move a lot but to my surprise it didn’t move at all. It pretty much stayed in place and I didn’t have to worry about it flipping over like the previous running belt I have used. I also ran with my iPod touch for music and that worked very well since I don’t use headphones I just slipped the iPod touch into the belt and listened to the music that way. Even with running the sound was clear and made my 5 mile run rather enjoyable

I am definitely going to continue using the Bandi Belt for all my runs especially since I don’t even notice it while I am running. The material it is made out of is nice and soft and doesn’t itch at all which makes it ideal for running. My iPhone and iPod didn’t even get wet from sweat after I ran 7 miles so that makes it a bigger plus because I don’t want to ruin my electronics while running.  I highly recommend the Bandi Belt to anyone who wants to use it to keep things safe or close to them without wearing a purse or anything else. I am looking into getting one of their headbands too since it is so comfortable on my waist I am sure it will be a great headband when I work out as well!  Check them out at:

Make sure to pick it up if you are looking for a way to hold onto your phone or more during running, I love it! 

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